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Top 5 Tips to Maximize The Space in Your Home

252 Cooper River LivingIn our line of work we talk about Merchandising a lot. Merchandising is the art of presenting a product so it stands out against its competition, and that’s exactly why home staging is so important. It accomplishes two things:

a) it allows buyers to imagine the home as their own; and 

b) it maximizes the space.

The same techniques can be used to make a home you’re not selling more livable too.

Here are our TOP 5 Tips to Maximize The Space in Your Home: 

  1. Fresh paint really does transform and open up a room. Just stick with neutral and light colors because,’s science! Light colors reflect light rather than absorb it.

  2. De-clutter - which is often easier said than done. That said, here are a few simple tricks: keep your entryway clear of large furniture. A simple row of hooks and a bench will give you a place to set down bags and hang up your coat. When possible, use furniture throughout your home that can double as storage space (an ottoman that opens up to store spare pillows and sheets, for example). Tall, vertical shelving is not only useful, it draws the eye up, creating more visual space.

  3. Use visual effects: In fact, continue to draw the eye up - raise and heighten curtain rods! And here’s a little known tip: pull furniture at least a few inches away from the wall so there’s a little extra space. It’ll create shadows that give the impression of more room.

  4. Floor space counts: Closets look a lot more spacious if you empty the bottom! Event if you take all that you have on the floor and place it on a shelf, your closet will look much roomier. Donate all excess clothing!

  5. Clear your horizontal surfaces: Put away all those appliances and gadgets that you have on your kitchen counter, bathroom counters and tables. Live out of your cabinets and drawers while you have your home on the market.

What do you do at home to maximize your space?

And, if you’re thinking of selling your home, let’s talk! We'd be happy to walk you through our other tried-and-true techniques to sell your home for top market price.

Staging your home is so important that we pay our professional STAGER to give advice to our sellers as part of our selling package.

Take care!

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