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Is This Summer The Ideal Time To Sell Your Charleston Home?

This is an opinion article about Charleston real estate and the value of your Charleston home.

If you’ve been following the news, you would have heard that the Federal Reserve is likely to raise interest rates when they meet on June 15th.  It’s been all over the news in these past few weeks. Here are a few of these articles: NY Times   Reuters   Forbes.

This may make it more expensive for people to own a home by raising their mortgage payments. A 1% rate hike decreases buying power by more than 10%, and also reduces the potential pool of buyers for your home, therefore decreasing demand and potentially lowering the market price for your home (which is determined by supply and demand).

Charleston Residential Median Price After a 4-year run up in home prices since the 2007-2010 recession (see Median Price graph from MLS, click to enlarge), this may be the last chance (for a while) to get the maximum price for your home.

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Real estate is cyclical. The million-dollar question is when the momentum will change! We may see a market correction as early as later this year, next year or in 2018.  I don't think this market shift will be a "bubble bursting" event like the one we saw in 2007-2010, given that the fundamentals of the economy are much more solid, and that lending practices are still tight. 

Here in Charleston, we’re still seeing areas with very tight inventory. This means if you list your home at the right price and promote it well, it will sell quickly and could possibly sell above asking price.  

Although inventory is still low, in some areas (like Mount Pleasant in certain price points), showings have slowed down a little. The graph shows year-over-year number of showings for pre-owned Mt. Pleasant homes by price point (source: Showingtime). Many new home construction neighborhoods in Mount Pleasant also report a 25%-30% decrease in walk-in traffic. Normally, the Mount Pleasant market leads the rest of the Charleston Metro Area. 

Mount Pleasant Showings Analysis

Is this due to election jitters, or are we in for a more permanent market correction? Only time will tell.

If you are THINKING of selling your Charleston home in the next two years, this summer may be the BEST time to sell at a high market price. 

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In summary: Our economy is improving, we are reaching full employment and interest rates are on the rise.  Alhtough inventory is still low, a rise in mortgage rates may trigger a potential shift in our local real estate market. This is the summer to sell your Charleston home for top market price.

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