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There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution for every buyer. Although the transactional process can be very similar for everyone, individual needs, motivations and special circumstances may demand specific solutions customized to a buyer's particular situation.

Some buyers are reasonably experienced (i.e. they have already bought and sold a few homes, so they d on't need as much direction), while others are first-timers (and need more hand-holding). Some have already talked to a lender and are fully pre-approved, while others are just thinking of starting the process. Some need to buy right away, while others are in no rush.

Whatever your situation may be, chances are that we have already experienced a similar situation and know how to provide you with sound advice and great service. Alan has closed over 300 transactions in his 12 years in real estate!

Our team has vast experience with many types of buyers, including those:

  • upgrading/downsizing locally;
  • relocating from/to another city/country; military personnel; corporate relocations, etc.
  • retiring to the Charleston area;
  • purchasing a second/vacation home; 
  • buying a home as an investment property; or
  • renters who are purchasing a home for the first time!

House PuzzleWe believe that buying a home is just a piece of your "life puzzle", and one that needs to fit in with the rest of your life and circumstances. Because of this, it is important that your REALTOR understands your needs and wants, your particular context, intentions and restrictions. This takes commitment from both you and your Realtor. Because of this, we have elected to only work with buyers who hire us exclusively, so we can devote the time and effort to ask the right questions, understand your circumstances and provide you with sound advice and value-added services.

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  1. In SC, buyers can hire a REALTOR (buyer's agent) to represent them in the transaction (normally for FREE - the commissions are usually paid by the sellers).
  2. If you don't formally HIRE a buyer's agent to represent you, any agent who shows you homes is REPRESENTING THE SELLER (they are supposed to tell you this the first time you meet in person)
  3. Buyers (and sellers) who are represented by a REALTOR can normally get a better deal and a smoother transaction than those who choose to represent themselves. 
  4. Your buyer's agent can represent you in the purchase of a NEW HOME. The fact that you are represented does not affect you in any adverse way with respect to the "deal" the builder may give you. Commissions are paid as stated by the builder via the MLS and normally kept completely independent from the negotiation of the transaction.
  5. Even in a "soft" (or "buyer's") market, there are still opportunities for competitive bidding and multiple offers (especially if the listing is aggressively priced!)
  6. Buying foreclosures at auction is generally not advisable for inexperienced buyers who don't do this regularly
  7. Lender-owned properties and short sales sometimes provide terrific buying opportunities, but also have pitfalls.
  8. The mortgage industry is changing so fast, that approximately one in five contracts are not closing because of inability to underwrite the loan, or because of appraisal issues.


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