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Are You a Personal Representative? We can help you by "connecting you" with our trusted  service providers, contractors and professionals!


Our LOCAL Probate Network includes:

  • Probate Attorneys
  • Estate Sales companies
  • Financial Planners
  • Real & Personal Property Appraisers
  • Insurance Agents (for Probate Bonds, Vacant Insurance Policies)
  • Social Workers
  • Cleanout, Disposal & Donation Crews
  • Painters, Landscapers, Handymen, Plumbers, etc.

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Charleston SC Probate Resource Network

If the estate owns real estate that needs to be sold, we can help:

  • Secure
  • Insure
  • Clean
  • Maintain
  • Repair, Paint & Landscape
  • Prepare for Sale
  • Sell For a Top Market Price
    • Quick Cash "As-Is" Sale
    • Repaired to FHA/VA Compliance
    • Fully Renovated

Are You A Probate Attorney?

In situations where you serve as the probate attorney, our solutions seamlessly align with the needs of legal professionals. Whether appointed by the court, or chosen by the family or by the executor/personal representative, your role may vary in focus and responsibilities.

If you have been court-appointed, your primary focus will likely be on the legal aspects of transactions and asset distribution. In cases where you are retained by the family or executor/personal representative, your role may extend to include an advisory capacity as well. Be assured that, in either scenario, we will keep you well-informed about every aspect of the process we are involved in, especially when it comes to pricing, promoting and managing offers on real estate.

At The Alan Donald Team, we deeply appreciate the significance of your legal expertise and the distinctive role that probate attorneys play in the process. As specialists in probate real estate, we are devoted to providing an indispensable service to individuals navigating challenging times, by offering our expertise and informed support and dovetailing other necessary services with your legal services.

We are fully prepared to assist you and your clients effectively. And will save you and your paralegal time and effort, by connecting your clients to the right professional or service provider from our Probate Resource Network.

We are enthusiastic about the prospect of collaborating with you and swiftly alleviating any unnecessary burdens. Count on us to be there for you at every step, ready to provide immediate assistance and unwavering support.

Personal Representatives/Executors:  If a loved one or a friend passes away and you were designated as the Personal Representative (or Executor) for the estate, it is very probable that you may feel overwhelmed with all the information and the amount of work this "additional responsibility" generates. 

We know that handling a probate is never easy and you will most certainly face some difficult decisions. 
As experienced Realtors with experience selling properties in probate, we will make sure that you get the right information to be able to make these decisions. We fully understand that dealing with real estate is just one part of all your duties, and wish to help you as much as we can. 

If you haven’t yet secured the services of an experienced, local probate attorney, we can recommend a few options of attorneys we have worked with.

We will also help you with some of the potentially difficult conversations you may have to have with other family members and heirs. 

Our job is to help you in every step along the way and help you anticipate and avoid any potential problems or issues. This doesn't mean that you will not have to make some difficult decisions, but at least you have a sounding board and someone to provide you the right information to make them. Most importantly, we can connect you with the appropriate service providers, contractors or specialized professionals who can help!

It may be important for you to have a local resource, someone who can connect you with trusted service providers like a local Probate Attorney, a CPA, an Estate Sales Company, an expert Realtor (that would be us!), Cash Investors, Licensed Contractors and any number of real estate service providers who can help clean up, fix, paint or renovate any real estate assets earmarked for disposal. 



"Hi Alan,

I wanted to let you know how incredibly lucky I feel to have crossed paths with you and your amazing team during the sale of my brother’s home. Even though I live in Canada, and dealing with everything from a distance, you were there every step of the way supporting me through a tough time. I have to admit, I was completely overwhelmed at first, but you had this incredible ability to break things down into manageable chunks and kept me updated on what needed to happen next. You even worked around my travel schedule, which was a lifesaver.

I can’t stress enough how valuable your list of contacts were, from lawyers to getting work done on the house. Every recommendation you provided was terrific, and it made a world of difference. From the moment we listed the house until the final contract was signed, you were on top of all the little details, making sure nothing fell through the cracks. You and your team were total professionals, but what I appreciated most was your support in all the varied obstacles I encountered.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend you to anyone in need of a fantastic real estate agent. Your professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence are truly commendable. It’s a shame you’re not based in Canada, because you’re truly one in a million. Thanks again for everything, Alan. I can’t express how grateful I am for your help and guidance during this whole process.

All the best,"

J. Penic, Personal Representative for the Estate of E. Parisani

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Probate Client Testimonials

Horan - Probate Testimonial


"I was approached by several companies, but I chose to work with The Alan Donald Team of Keller Williams Realty because of their approach in the offering of their services. The information Alan initially provided was enlightening and engaging with no pressure to commit. The entire experience from hiring to closing was professional, informational, and in-depth with video and data charts that were quite easy to understand.

This information made decisions much easier. He provided far more assistance than I expected, such as professional home inspection and repair services, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with that type of commitment. I would highly recommend Alan and Keller Williams Realty for any real estate needs."

L. Evans, Personal Representative for the Estate of I. Bates, North Charleston, SC

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"I highly recommend Alan Donald and his team. They are professional, knowledgeable, responsive, and motivated to please the client. As the personal representative for my mother's estate, I was responsible for the sale of her house, which was complicated by living two hours away in the Columbia area. I received solicitations daily from investors and real estate agents wanting to handle the sale.

A letter I received from Alan offering his services stood out from the rest for its professional and straight forward approach. When I met with Alan for the first time, he came prepared with three options, backed up by detailed reports and market analysis, for me to consider. I immediately knew my first impression of him for his letter was spot-on, and he was someone I could work with and trust.

Within days of a decision to sell the property "As-Is," Alan brought us a contract and back-up offer at the high end of the expected price range. The property closed in less than 30 days and lessened the stress associated with administering the estate and probate process".

E. Budds, Personal Representative for the Estate of B. Budds, Charleston, SC


Do you need to dispose of the property as quickly as possible?

We have the connections with qualified investors, rehabbers and buyers looking to buy properties "as-is", pay cash and close quickly. Often, this is vital to be able to pay medical bills, move a surviving spouse into a more suitable location, or simply get the probate proceeds into the hands of the heirs quickly.

The advantage of dealing with an experienced Realtor for a quick sale (instead of just accepting an individual offer from an investor) is that we get your property exposed to a NUMBER of qualified investors, not just one. This normally results in competition among them and a higher price for the real estate.

Our investors can often make offers within 48 hours on almost any property and can normally close as soon as their title search clears. Sometimes, funds can even be advanced prior to closing. Please bear in mind that timelines are often subject to factors beyond our control (such as required court filings or probate judge's approvals) but we strive to minimize these delays whenever possible.

Do you need to maximize the proceeds of a real estate sale for the heirs/stakeholders?

If this is the case, then we can assist you by assessing what are the best repairs/updates to be done, how much would these cost and what return you would get (what the After Repaired Value (ARV) of the property would be). We will then list and market the property aggressively to find the buyer who would pay the TOP MARKET PRICE. Too often sellers spend too much money on repairs or upgrades that have poor Return on Investment (ROI). This is where our extensive real estate and home marketing experience comes into play!

This is what we can offer!  A whole, turnkey Probate Team! OUR job is to make YOUR job as Personal Representative as simple as possible. The following illustration shows some of the services we can provide (click HERE to view a larger copy):

We have also developed additional materials to assist Personal Representatives. The flowchart below shows the list of potential functions that you may be required to perform as the estate's administrator. Click here to download a copy.

If You Are a Probate Attorney

We work well as a "team" in these situations. Typically the probate attorney has either been appointed by the court or selected by the executor / personal representative.

If are court-appointed, then your role is usually limited to the legal issues regarding any transactions and disposal of the assets in the estate.

If you have been retained by the family or the executor/personal representative, your role not only includes the legal issues, but often includes an advisory role. In some cases, the family or executor will want ALL aspects of the probate to be handled completely by the attorney. In these cases, we’ll work with you as “the client” regarding the real estate, just as we would with the executor/personal representative.

We’ve taken the time to build the team and made the investment to properly prepare to assist you. We feel this area of real estate allows us to not only perform a much-needed service to people in times of great stress, but also allows us to differentiate our curriculum as Realtors and our level of knowledge from other "general" Realtors.

As the Team Leader, I'd be happy to help by answering any questions you may have and/or connect you with local service providers you may need. Call me on 843-864-3777 or send me an email to


"Great team from beginning to end! This was our parents' property so we hired Alan's recommended estate lawyer to represent us and handle the intricate details of working with various heirs, etc. Everyone involved was professional, patient and understanding right through the closing of this much-loved family home.

Oh, and we entered into a contract within days of listing it. I highly recommend The Alan Donald Team at KW!"

O. Mejía, Personal Representative, Goose Creek, SC


We would welcome the opportunity to help you any way we can!

If you’d like some general information, please review our list of Frequently Asked Probate Questions. We are ready to start working with you today and ease any unnecessary burdens quickly. We’re ready to help you immediately!

Thanks again for checking us out online!

Probate Administrators Duties 


Questions? Call/text 843-864-3777


Common Probate Terms (as defined by Charleston County Probate Court):

Accountings - Reports that contain the annual and final fiscal reports showing receipts and disbursements with date and purpose.

Estate Papers - The original probate papers such as wills, inventories, letters, accountings and related papers.

Probate - The legal process of wrapping up a person's affairs, paying their bills and distributing their assets.

Testator - A person who has made a legally valid will before death.

Will Books - Recorded transcripts of the original probate wills that give information about proving the will and qualifying the personal representative.

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