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Do you have commitment issues?  

Do you often experience buyers remorse?

The Alan Donald Real Estate Team- Don't Panic - we can help

Many buyers who find a house that looks perfect after house-hunting for only a couple of weeks hesitate to make an immediate commitment and write an offer. They want to “make sure they have looked at all available options” before making an offer. Whether you are in a buyer's or seller's market, the best homes usually get snapped up quickly. If you have given careful thought to your buying criteria, when you find a great home that fits those criteria and is well-priced, you may not have much time to think it over without losing it.

Although it is difficult to make such an enormous purchasing decision without at least "sleeping on it," you could lose the house to another buyer 
if you hesitate. On the other hand, if you go rushing forward, you may feel unsure and spend time nursing a case of "Buyer's Remorse." 

Working with a professional REALTOR® can make your decision much easier. Your REALTOR® can help you figure out your buying criteria, 
assess homes against these criteria and provide market information about recent sales of homes in the area to answer any questions you may have.

Keep in mind that your REALTOR®'s job is to find you a property that you want to buy, not to show you a lot of houses that won't interest you!

If you would like The Alan Donald Real Estate Team to help you or someone you know choose the right home at the right time, give us a call (843) 900-0155.

We are here to help!

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