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While your REALTOR's job is to help find you the perfect home, in the right location, meeting most of your criteria--and at the right price, the home inspector's job (like Sherlock Holmes) is to find any skeletons in the closet -- or in the plumbing, electrical system, roof and/or structure.

The inspector won't give a home a "pass or fail" grade, but he/she will go over the house thoroughly to help you understand the condition of the property you are buying, and if there are any problems, give you a realistic idea of how much the repairs will cost. A good inspector will also explain the operation of the basic emergency systems such as the main water cut off valve and the circuit breaker box, and will go over items that will need routine maintenance.

If there are relevant defects that were not disclosed nor reflected in the list price, you will have the opportunity to re-open negotiations with your sellers before you commit to the purchase (as long as you do all this within the time constraints contained in the contract). Your REALTOR will help you negotiate the required repairs and/or adequate compensation en lieu of repairs.

Whether you are buying a new or existing house, townhouse or condo, I recommend that you conduct a professional inspection with a licensed and experienced home inspector.

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