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Top Ten Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

Home for SaleMany sellers took their homes off the market for the holidays. Their rationale is that buyer activity is generally slower, and they don’t want to show their home when their family is hosting a holiday event.

While these are valid reasons, here are TEN REASONS why you SHOULD offer your home for sale during the holidays (assuming you really wish to sell!).

  1. BUYERS who are looking at homes in Charleston at this time of the year are SERIOUS. It’s almost guaranteed there are no “tire-kickers” at this time of the year.
  2. LOW INVENTORY. Since many sellers took their homes off the market there is MUCH LESS COMPETITION. Therefore you have more leverage to negotiate.
  3. Your home will SHOW GREAT with all the HOLIDAY DECORATIONS. And the pictures will look so much more inviting!
  4. It’s OK to have specific “NO SHOWING” times during the holidays. Just because you are going to have visitors a few days is no reason not to be for sale the rest of the time. “No Showings This Week” is OK during the holidays.
  5. HOUSES FEEL MORE LIKE HOMES. Coming in from the cold weather into a cozy home makes buyers feel more relaxed and have a better attitude. People are generally more grateful and happy during this season.
  6. End-of-the-Year Buyers may PAY MORE for your home. They may have mental or actual deadlines. With less time to make a decision and fewer homes to choose from, this could mean the BEST PRICE for you!
  7. End-of-the-Year Buyers may have more URGENCY. Many new jobs start in January. There may also be tax benefits and other urgency factors that push some buyers into buying before the end of the year. If you don’t list now, you’ll miss out on those Buyers.
  8. LATE OCCUPANCY is common during this time – although they may need to close before year-end, they may not need to move in immediately, allowing time for you to find a place – a win-win solution!
  9. DECREASED DEMAND ON VENDORS. Lenders, appraisers, inspectors and handymen are generally more available with the decreased demand, making for a smoother and less stressful transaction.
  10. MORE DAYTIME SHOWINGS from mid-November until end of December. With holiday time off, daytime showings increase during this time of the year, leaving your home free for your use during evenings and weekends.

Makes sense to you? 

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