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Why You Should NOT be Present During Your Home Showings!  

Showing your home, selling your home, agent showings, prospective buyers opinionsOnce your home is listed for sale, it may be a difficult thing for you to step aside and let your REALTOR take over. Essentially, once you list the home, it ceases to be "the place you live in" and becomes a "showroom designed to attract buyers".

When prospective buyers arrive, you may be tempted to hang around to point out the hidden cabinet behind the kitchen door, the energy-saving features, the irrigation system or the electronic fence. But your presence most likely will be a hindrance, rather than a plus. If you really wish to sell, it is always best if you and your family leave the house whenever it is being shown!

The sale process normally begins with the buyers taking in all the features and benefits of the home they are being shown, discussing its pro's and con's and voicing their objections. Sometimes these objections are automatic responses, even when they love the house. Real estate professionals are trained to know the difference and ask questions to determine which of these are real and which are just automatic.

If the seller is present this may inhibit the buyer from spending enough time in the home (they may feel they are encroaching on your space and/or feel uncomfortable) and they may refrain from discussing their objections with their agent for fear they may offend you.  If the buyer does not feel at ease and feels pressured or intimidated, this may be enough reason to eliminate your home from their short list.

The best way to help a potential sale is to give the buyers and their REALTOR enough space and time to go over your home and discuss details and objections among themselves. It is best not to be present at the showings!

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