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Smelly Affairs

The sense of smell is a powerful motivator. When prospective buyers walk into a house, their senses are alert to take in any visual, audio or smell stimuli to form that “first impression”.

It is well known that buyers respond more positively if they smell freshly baking oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies instead of the lingering odors of mold, cigarette smoke or a household pet. 

Because you are used to it, you may not notice odors that visitors are aware of as soon as they walk in the door. When your house is for sale, ask a friend or neighbor to give it a "sniff test". If they notice any odors, you bet potential buyers are going to notice them too! The presence of odors is one of the most common reasons why buyers reject a home...

So, how do you get rid of them?

There are a few simple solutions to try:

- first of all, eliminate the SOURCE as much as you can. Shampoo your dogs, get pets' food trays outside, vacuum the whole house. Throw out the dog's special mat (or put it in the garage) 

- give your carpets a steam clean and the walls a good scrubbing

- using the old vanilla-on-the-light-bulb trick, plugging in an essential oil diffuser and/or

- using the plug-in Febreeze odorizers (use a soft smell!)

Also, you can temporarily declare your home a "no smoking" zone.

You may need professional help for cleaning carpets and drapes or deodorizing walls and wood floors.

Your REALTOR should be able to provide you with a list of cleaning services which can assist you in making your home smell clean and fresh.

Remember, everything comes in via your sensory organs: Eyes, Nose and Ears: A pleasant-smelling home puts the buyer in an accepting frame of mind. A foul/pet/mold-smelling home completely writes it of from the get go!

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