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Home Seller Tips: Prepare Your Home for a "Date"

Home StagerWe always tell our sellers to think back to how they groomed themselves for their first date. Selling a home is just like that: You need to put your best foot forward to create a fabulous first impression with the Buyers (inside and outside).

Homes that are well staged sell quicker and for higher prices!

This is why we offer a FREE, PROFESSIONAL STAGING CONSULTATION for all our Seller clients as part of our value added. 

Here are some of the most common tips our professional stager provides:

  1. Clear horizontal surface spaces. Make sure that desks, countertops, coffee tables, end tables, etc. are as free of items/appliances/clutter as possible. Give the impression that there’s lots of room available on horizontal surfaces.
  2. Plants & flowers. Fresh flowers or flowering plants placed in a couple of rooms, such as the kitchen and living room, can have a dramatic impact on how inviting that room looks. Just don’t overdo it.
  3. Don’t be daring when you paint. You may love the idea of a bright yellow and green combination in the family room, a bright pink bedroom for your daughter and a purple & orange bonus room to match your favorite football team's colors. But not everyone will share your daring sense of style. If you paint, stick to neutral colors. That's why new construction builders paint their model homes neutral - to appeal to everyone, not just the daring!
  4. Less is more. Be brutally honest about the amount of furniture you have in each room – including wall hangings. Is there a desk, side table or other piece you can put away in storage? Think about ways to make each room more spacious. Space is king!
  5. Pretend to be neat - even if you like to be casual, the moment you place your home on the market it becomes a showroom. Clear most floor areas of closets. Arrange towels and linens neatly. Get rid of excess clothing and shoes. If you have too much "stuff", consider hiring a POD or a storage unit to put all excess furniture, clothing and items while your house sells. If you do it right, it won't be for long!

Take advantage of our FREE, PROFESSIONAL STAGING CONSULTATION and get top market price for your home! To list your home with us, please call/text 843-900-0155

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