Posted By Alan Donald @ Feb 28th 2023 10:23am In: Charleston


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If Passed, SC Bill Could Deter Local Bans on Short-Term Rentals
According to a recent study, short-term rentals now contribute over $4 billion to SC’s economy and generate “nearly $2 billion in revenue for property owners” each year. Given the growing number of local bans and regulations on them and the importance of the tourism industry to the state, a new bill was recently introduced to the SC State House to deter local governments from imposing laws that ban renting a residence (including individual rooms) for fewer than 29 days. If it goes through, any city or county that continues to impose short-term rental bans would face penalties. Read more here and here

Partnership Agreement Signed to Restore Dorchester County’s Polk Swamp
Dorchester County and the Charleston District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have signed the Polk Swamp Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Project Partnership Agreement to restore a 290-acre portion of bottomland hardwood forest in Polk Swamp, located just west of St. George and 50 miles northwest of Charleston. This project is estimated to take about three years and $3.7 million to complete. Construction is planned to start in 2025 and will be implemented through multiple phases involving invasive species removal and native planting. Read more here

Volvo Looks to Add 1,300 Jobs to Build New Fully Electric SUV at Ridgeville Plant
Volvo’s newest fully electric vehicle, the EX90, was announced in November as their first fully electric SUV model. To be able to produce these new vehicles in its Ridgeville plant, Volvo will be making major preparations, including installing 50% more machines and hiring and training an additional 1,300 employees. The company is also working towards having the plant become a zero-carbon neutral site with half of its vehicles produced there being fully electric by 2025. Read more here