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Real EstateCareers in Real Estate

In good times, selling real estate becomes very popular and I get calls every week from people thinking of getting into real estate sales. So here are some of the points I make when talking to potential new Realtors:

  • You work as much or as little as you want. This is a double-edged sword. In my experience, only people who commit to real estate as a career and work very hard are successful. Part-timers can make a sale here and there but cannot keep up with change and may make costly mistakes.

  • Income fluctuates dramatically. There may be 4 months of no income, and then 3 months where you make all your money. If your "significant other" has a steady job and you don't really need your income, then it's a perfect opportunity to jump in and develop a long-term real estate business. You will need to invest some money upfront (say $2000-$4000). Rookie Realtors normally overestimate what they can sell in their first year, and underestimate what they can sell after year 3. 

  • What they teach you in the licensing course is just the legal stuff, you really need a company that trains you extensively and mentors you to learn the "business" of real estate (Keller Williams has the best training programs in the industry - bar none!) 

  • This can be a very rewarding (and frustrating) profession. Remember that real estate moves in cycles (every 7-10 years). Right now it is booming and these are good times. In a few years we'll have another downturn. It comes with the territory.

Are you still interested?

Call me on 843-900-0155 to find out more about real estate careers at Keller Williams Realty in Charleston, SC or anywhere in North America. 


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