Posted By Alan Donald @ Apr 26th 2009 4:45pm In: General

Legal Jargon Overload

When you buy a home, the closing attorney (SC is an attorney state) will make you sign stacks of papers, affidavits and documents filled with legal jargon. Most of these documents relate to establishing your identity (for legal and tax purposes), transferring the deed, and formalizing any loans and mortgages.

Depending on their personality, some buyers are anxious to get out of there and get their keys (so they sign all the paperwork as fast as they can without even reading it) while others are extremely cautious and read every sentence before signing (and find it very frustrating to have to read these documents at the closing table, while causing everyone else to sigh in resignation!)

It is important to be aware of and understand all the paperwork you sign. Although "closing packages" from lenders normally arrive at the attorney's office at the last minute, most of the documents you'll be signing are standardized - you can request copies in advance from the lender and the attorney so you can read them at leisure, in order to feel comfortable signing at the closing table.


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