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Congratulations to Justin and Kati!  They closed on their new constrution home in the fantastic Tupelo subdivision of Mount Pleasant, SC in Septemeber 2013.  During our last visit they were kind enough to give us this fabulous testimonial... 

"Alan was really the first one to reach out to us when we first reached out for information about Tupelo and the new community. From day one Alan, without being overly persistent, was a wealth of information and really knowledgeable in terms of getting us the information we needed, keeping us updated on the progress of the development even before construction started and in terms of Ryland's plans-- keeping us informed with what the plans were as they were coming together. Really, it was very helpful to have Alan involved from the get-go. Even from making our selections from what goes in the kitchen to the location of the place, schools, the neighborhood and things to look for during the process, especially with getting an independent inspector on the new construction. Things we kind of know and we hear about on the 'checklists', but Alan was great at helping us and marching us through the process and reminding us of the things that we should be looking out for a long way."

"Its nice to feel like you have someone on your side and not feel like its you, not necessarily, versus the builder, but just someone else helping you along and giving you some advice. Not even just what your going to have now but resale value also, and thinking about the future."

"Being on the on the buyers side it was great, for new construction especially and at no cost to us, to have someone with that much knowledge on our side and advocating for us and guiding us through the process is really, really, REALY worth while."

J. & K. Buyer Clients - Tupelo New Construction

September 2013

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