Posted By Alan Donald @ Jun 20th 2013 4:56pm In: Buyers

Negotiations from the buyers’ perspective:

Traditionally people think of a good negotiator as a person that crushes the competition and gets the last dollar out of the transaction. However, buying a home is just one of the pieces of the life puzzle and a real estate adviser should focus more on the long-term objectives of the clients.

Negotiating skills depend more on market dynamics and the tactics need to be adjusted to fit these dynamics. For example, for a buyer it is very different to negotiate in a buyers’ market (where there are a lot of listings and not a lot of competition) than in a sellers’ market (where there are very few listings and a lot of competition).

In a buyers’ market, buyers have the opportunity to play it cool, wait, negotiate hard, get more concessions, and get price reductions.  

In a sellers’ market you're going to be competing with a lot of other buyers so the objective should be to get that house that you like under contract as fast as you can because the next one is going to come at a much higher price-- much higher than any “good” negotiating may be able to negotiate down.  

This is part of the value that an experienced real estate adviser can bring to the table-- adjusting negotiating tactics to the market dynamics!

To hire a professional real estate adviser who knows how to adjust negotiating tactics according to market dynamics, call or text (843) 900-0155.

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