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Inspections and Repairs - Should They Give You the Jitters?

We provide a variety of services throughout the real estate transaction to help our buyer clients make informed decisions. One of the key aspects of the buyers' due diligence is performing inspections such as the home inspection (which checks structural integrity, mechanical systems, appliances, plumbing, electrical, etc.)  and the pest/termite inspection (which checks for termites, fungus, wood-eating insects, etc. and  in South Carolina produces the CL-100 Report).

Some of our value-added services include:

  • Recommending experienced home inspectors, termite inspectors, structural engineers, mold inspectors and other specialty inspectors, as may be required. 
  • Scheduling and attending inspections
  • Helping interpret the findings of the inspections, write a list of requested repairs to pass on to the sellers
  • Negotiating repairs or price reductions/concessions en lieu of repairs
  • Protecting our buyer clients' earnest money and best interests in case of a dispute

Inspections are normally thorough and can identify major and minor issues. It is important to remember that inspectors are limited to visual observation and that they cannot do any destructive testing nor they are able to move furniture around. Although inspections minimize the risk of buying a "lemon", it does not eliminate it entirely. 

In the end, almost every issue can be corrected, and it becomes a matter of how much it would cost to do so. We provide current market information and experienced advice, so our buyers can determine whether the total cost of purchase plus the cost of repairs make sense, or whether it makes more sense to walk away from the transaction and find a new home that is in better condition. 

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