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I read this article on The Post & Courier and thought it would be great to repost here:

"by Autumn Phillips | Executive Editor |

As much as Charleston is growing, the surrounding areas are growing just as fast.

And while most people who talk about that growth focus on the backed-up traffic, the overflowing schools and the strained infrastructure, there’s also a lot of love and exploration in all of it.

Take Goose Creek, just 15 miles from Charleston, is one of the fastest growing cities in South Carolina and now the state’s eighth-largest. It’s becoming a top destination for younger residents looking for an affordable place to live.

It’s an exciting mix of long established locals running restaurants and businesses on Red Bank Road and St. James Avenue. The city is helping out with tax incentives to renovate old buildings — like the rebate they gave the owners of Wide Awake Brewery to renovate an old fire station.

Food editor Parker Milner went up to Goose Creek and was surprised to find the large Brazilian community thriving there and filling the bellies of food lovers with Brazilian markets, restaurants and food trucks.

He walked into the Brazilian bakery Delicias de Minas. The owner didn’t speak English, so they communicated through Google Translate on Parker’s phone.

“It was an educational experience for me,” he told me. “It was so much fun and so interesting to find this vibrant Brazilian community.”

Learn more about the food scene in Goose Creek. The story publishes on Tuesday for everyone else, but we’re publishing the story early for subscribers.

And, in case you missed it, here’s another story about Goose Creek’s economic development efforts written by Andrew Miller."

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