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A Taller Wall or a New Drain?

Charleston Flood Mitigation ProjectRecently, Charleston City Council officials have been in a debate about asking the State to reopen the Spring-Fishburne project, which would help with drainage in the lowcountry, since Mayor Tecklenburg recently has proposed to ask the State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) for more funding for the Low Battery Wall project.

Council members are trying to convince the City that any extra funding currently should go towards the Spring-Fishburne project which is to create a new drainage tunnel to hopefully end the constant flooding that happens on Septima Clark Parkway, or as we call it, the Crosstown, and not towards the Low Battery project, which would build the lower wall about 2 1/2 feet or 3 feet taller than it currently stands and be the same height all around to hopefully help when bad storms hit.

Both projects are important but deal with two separate water problems we have in Charleston and both have a hefty bill attached to them, more than expected for both, which is why there has been a delay in moving forward with either project.

Many councilmen criticized the Mayor for his lack of communication with them about applying for this grant from SIB and how he is describing it as a highway project, when they believe that to be "untruthful".

The Mayor believes the wall needs the funding to get done faster because The Battery is "an 'iconic' part of South Carolina tourism" while many councilmen believe the drain at Septima Clark Parkway is more important because it is "more of an economic driver for the city than the Low Battery."

The vote on moving forward for extra funding for the wall has been put off for now but a new meeting has been scheduled to talk about applying for a larger grant for the Spring-Fishburne project. Read More Here... 

MUSC is South Carolina's No. 1 Hospital for the Fifth Year

Rheumatology MUSCU.S. News & World Report recently named MUSC the top hospital in the state of South Carolina for the fifth year in a row. Three of its specialty areas were also ranked high among the entire country: Rheumatology; ear, nose and throat; and cancer.

The U.S. News & World Report strives to rank all hospitals over various objective areas, such as patient experience, volume and even patient safety and the quality of nursing each hospital provides. They are striving to be transparent with their information they have gathered to all consumers so the consumer is able to decide where to get the best care from.

It only makes sense that MUSC has ranked so high among hospitals because of how dedicated they are to their patients and helping any and everyone from just a check up, to a life threatening event.

Their goal is to not only have the best care for their patients now, but they also want to train future health care providers with the same quality of service and continue to grow and improve. In a field so fast paced and ever changing, it is of a high honor to receive such a huge complement as the one that MUSC received but it is well deserved and felt the minute you walk through their doors. Read More Here...

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