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Prehistoric Shark Tooth

Man Finds Prehistoric Shark Tooth on Summerville Construction Site

Summerville’s increasing growth and development has “unearthed” a rather interesting surprise - a fossilized 6.45-inch prehistoric megalodon shark tooth - and there are likely many more to be found!  Matthew Basak, a lifelong fossil enthusiast and employee of Palmetto Fossil Excursions (based in Charleston), reported that he was digging around a Summerville construction site when he uncovered the giant tooth just below the soil.  Although Basak’s fossil find is nearly larger than his hand, it is not the largest megalodon tooth to be found.  The largest megalodon tooth found to date measured in at nearly 6.5 inches, and was also found in the Charleston area.  Paleontologists and geologists have surmised that the Lowcountry is home to many yet undiscovered prehistoric teeth.  Read more here.

Demolition of Blackbaud Stadium on Daniel Island

Blackbaud Stadium on Daniel Island has been demolished.  Completed in 1999, Blackbaud Stadium was the first privately funded soccer facility in the United States.  Over the course of two decades, the stadium served as home to The Charleston Battery, Charleston’s premier soccer club, and hosted matches against numerous well-known international soccer leagues.  The stadium also hosted music, food, and beer festivals.  Local residents have expressed a sense of nostalgia and gratitude for Blackbaud Stadium’s service to the community, noting that it was a great venue for outdoor recreation and entertainment.  The company that purchased and demolished the stadium, Holder Properties, is not yet revealing their future plans for the land.  Local residents, however, have their guesses at what will come next for the property.  Read more here.

Growth in Summerville and North Charleston Bring Changes to Dorchester Road

Charleston is growing, and there is no greater proof of this than the ever-worsening standstill of traffic on almost every highway in and out of the metro area.  Long-time residents have likely noticed this trend along Dorchester Road, which runs northwest from Charleston’s upper peninsula to Summerville, and is a vital connection to the Charleston International Airport, Boeing, and Joint Base Charleston.  Area population growth has in turn necessitated the expansion of housing, business, and commercial developments along Dorchester Road.  While beneficial to the local economy, these developments have, in turn, contributed to the further congestion of local traffic.  The good news is, the Department of Transportation is planning improvements to offset the influx of growth and development.  Read more here.

Charleston Area Automotive Industry Embraces Electric Trend

Mercedes and Volvo, two of the largest automotive companies in the Charleston area, are wholeheartedly embracing the electrification trend. In March, Mercedes announced plans to build an electric version of the Sprinter van at the company’s campus in North Charleston, with plans to begin production in late 2023. Volvo recently announced plans for the Volvo Cars campus near Ridgeville to transition to completely electric model production by 2030. Anders Gustafsson, president and CEO of Volvo Cars USA, hinted at the future creation of new jobs when he reported that the company plans to greatly expand the “size of the operation”. For more information on these two companies, read more here and here.


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