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Patience is a Virtue (That Helps Get Deals Done)

Stress of buying a home- Real Estate SalesBuyers may deal with anxiety, especially if they are also selling a home somewhere else and the purchase depends upon the sale of their existing home.

In addition, Buyers may have to deal with the Sellers' anxiety. For example, after a Buyer has reached an agreement with the Sellers and signed (ratified) a contract, the Buyer may notice that the Sellers could begin to behave strangely, getting somewhat agitated and making additional (sometimes unreasonable) demands, like asking you to not access the home during weekends, or making it difficult for your inspections to be scheduled or for your blinds contractor to come in to measure the windows.

It is important to remember that people (both Buyers and Sellers) experience a high level of stress when they are buying or selling a home. After all, it is the single largest investment most people make in their lifetime! Sellers (or Buyers!) may be suffering from remorse -- a common feeling that makes them think they have given up too much in the negotiation.   

Don't take it personally if the other party goes through the "home-transaction jitters". Be patient, and allow the Realtors to do whatever "hand-holding" is necessary to get both parties reassured and eager to come to the closing table.

Experience counts! Our team is in the Top 10% of all REALTORS in the Charleston Area and we have closed more than 300 buyer and seller transactions! So we have plenty of experience to help our clients conclude the transaction successfully by anticipating problems and managing expectations. 

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