Posted By Alan Donald @ Jun 30th 2013 11:51am In: Buyers

Homes on Busy Streets: Plus, or Minus?

Home on StreetEvery day when you drive to work you see a beautiful home with a "For Sale" sign on a busy road. Given the size and quality of the home, you think it must be priced well above your price range. After months of thinking about it, you call the sign for information and you find out it is surprisingly affordable, priced much lower than similar homes on quiet streets! You schedule a showing, and you love the home...

Homes located on busy streets may represent great value for the money. Some buyers who are very sensitive to noise, have young children or pets, may automatically rule out homes on busy streets. This means that there are fewer buyers competing for this home. If the sellers have made pricing concessions to reflect the location of the home and you are not bothered by this, you may be able to afford a much better home than you thought you would.

Just keep in mind that when you sell the home, the pool of prospective buyers will also be smaller, that it may take longer to sell than the average home, and you may have to pass on a similar price break to the next owner!

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