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The Alan Donald Real Estate Team, Charleston, SC Short Sale Specialists known for their Charleston SC Real Estate experience in Short Sales, has just closed another Short Sale in South Carolina. Using their experience and established systems, The Alan Donald Real Estate Team is able to handle many short sales and accomplish the goal at hand, to close these short sale transactions.

Charleston, SC, May 09, 2013 --( The process was not easy nor fast, but with strong negotiating skills, a bit of magical problem solving, and comprehensive systems, the Alan Donald Real Estate Team achieved the difficult approval to close the transaction. The sale of the home at 135 Destin St. in Summerville, SC (within the Charleston SC Metro Area) took a total of 236 days from contract to close. This was a Bank of America short sale in South Carolina and no deficiency will be pursued. Although the banks are working on their timelines and speeding up the short sale process, The Alan Donald Real Estate Team says this is a longer-than-usual length of time for the short sale to complete. The Original List price was $120,000 and the sale closed at $117,000 with bank approval.

"There are no promises or guarantees in a Charleston, SC short sale - whether the lender(s) will approve the short sale, forgive the debt or pursue a deficiency judgment, but Short Sales offer an alternative to the damaging effects (credit and emotional) of a South Carolina foreclosure,” said Alan Donald, CEO of The Alan Donald Real Estate Team. "A short sale in South Carolina is a complicated process for all the parties: There are so many details involved (more than what the average homeowner is aware of) and so many potential complications, that many real estate agents who don’t have experience with short sales will shy away from them. Homeowners are advised to consult with a Charleston SC Short Sale Specialist with a proven history of success with short sales like The Alan Donald Real Estate Team.”

Donald uses a comprehensive South Carolina Short Sale system for sellers. Homeowners who are facing foreclosure in Charleston, SC can request that The Alan Donald Real Estate Team consult with them about their needs (in confidence and with no obligation). In addition, The Alan Donald Real Estate Team has created a custom Short Sale Package that allows homeowners to complete the documents required by the bank quickly and easily.

“It takes more than an agent to properly work short sales. It takes a team,” says Alan Donald, CEO of The Alan Donald Real Estate Team. “We have surrounded ourselves with talent from our administrative staff, attorneys, processors and closing coordinators. We want a lot of eyes on the transaction so it keeps moving down the timeline. Our short sale team is skilled, experienced, determined, and driven. They get the deal done!”

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The Alan Donald Real Estate Team is a group of experienced and skilled real estate professionals specializing in distressed properties under the direction of Alan Donald at Keller Williams Realty (Charleston-Mt. Pleasant, SC).

There are times when tough questions deserve honest answers. Every day many homeowners wonder if they should sell their home or stay and tough it out. To make the best decision, they should have all of the information in front of them.

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