Old Village/Old Mount Pleasant was the very first neighborhood in Mount Pleasant, SC. This makes it one of the most historic and presitigious neighborhoods in Charleston as it is famous for its centuries-old trees and historic landscapes that date back to the Revolution. Because of the strict rules of architectural design in Old Village, the community has managed to maintain and preserve its history and memoirs that are ingrained in the houses, marshes, and oaks.

The Old Village of Mount Pleasant offers an exceptional mix of rich contemporary and traditional architecture whether it is on the shores of Charleston Harbor or nestled among oak trees covered in Spanish moss. The community is known for its several distinct sites such as Alhambra Hall, a romantic park at the heart of the neighborhood that is a popular spot for couples exchanging vows. A playground for kids and the historic Pitt Street Bridge are also other popular destinations. Old Village boasts outstanding restaurants such as The Old Village Post House and the Village Bakery. The location of Old Village makes it very accessible for homeowners to reach nearby beaches and the Historic District of Charleston (Downtown). Mount Pleasant shopping and nearby golf courses are other locational perks for homeowners in the Old Village.

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