'In today’s world we often find our experiences with people to be brief and selfish.  Rarely do we find honesty and empathy in our contracts with people in business.  Occasionally, however, there are those who practice honesty, kindness and empathy in all their affairs.  I found Alan Donald to be such a person.

During a difficult time in my life, facing foreclosure, Alan worked diligently, for 19 months to turn my situation around.  There were many times that I ran short on patience.  Banks can be heartless, not to mention towers of inefficiency.  Alan persisted, patiently, one day at a time, going forward, never giving up.  Never did he show signs of frustration.  I am grateful – for Alan saw a light at the end of the tunnel and faithfully persisted.

Alan has a quality rarely found in people today.  He has found and apparently lives by that simple truth that eludes most of us.  Which is - always, always doing what is right, trusting that this action in and of itself will have a positive outcome.  No obstacle was too great, and he maintained his positive energy through it all.  He is an inspiration and an example of honesty and faithfulness that is rarely seen.

I could never fully express my gratitude – for Alan has found what so many others never figure out – do what is right every time, in every situation and the outcome will be positive. 

Thank you, Alan.  You have turned a painful, negative situation in to an unforgettably positive experience that I have learned from."

Elizabeth Henry, RN

August, 2011 


To Whom It May Concern:

About a year ago, I faced a personal hardship and a dilemma of what to do with my condo, since I could no longer afford it. Given my financial situation at the time, I thought I only had two options: Sell it or let it go to foreclosure. I was not aware of any other options for someone in my situation.

At that time, I contacted Alan Donald to get his advice. He explained very thoroughly all the additional options available to me, including the pros and cons of each scenario. This information was very useful to allow me to reach a final decision. After evaluating all my options, I decided to do try for a short sale.

Mr. Donald, his team members and I embarked ourselves in a very difficult process that lasted over a year. They advised me to price the condo aggressively, and although we had some interested buyers, most were reluctant or unable to get involved in the uncertainties of buying a short sale listing. They kept working tirelessly on the listing until we found a potential buyer who made an offer and was willing to wait for the bank. After multiple back and forth negotiations with the bank, the condo was finally sold. It was a very difficult and long process, but Mr. Donald was very patient, and always kept working very hard to get the best results for me. His dedication to his real estate business, professionalism and willingness to help me as his client was evident throughout the entire short sale process.

I am very pleased with the results Mr. Donald and his team achieved for me, and appreciative of the knowledge, work ethic and professionalism with which they handled the entire process. I strongly recommend using him for any real estate matter.


Efrain Martinez
November, 2010