Are You Handy? Willing to Put In Some Sweat Equity?

"Handyman Specials", "Renovators' Delights" or "Fixxer-Uppers" may often represent excellent opportunities to "get in the market" and build equity for buyers who are not afraid to put in some work. Many times these homes are sold at a substantial discount compared to similar homes, just because no one wants to have to do the work! 

Many foreclosures also fall in this category, for two reasons: First, when a homeowner experiences financial difficulties and stops paying the mortgage, they may also stop doing maintenance to their home; and second, once foreclosed, homes usually stay empty for months, during which time they deteriorate further. 

It takes good planning and sound financial management to make a fixxer-upper work well. If you are the kind of person who can visualize the potential of a home that needs repairs and/or renovations, we can help you:

  • FREE Automated VIP Email Service - an automated service that will email you ALL those new "Handyman Special" listings (that fit your price range and criteria) from ALL real estate companies AS SOON AS THEY ARE LISTED. As a VIP buyer, you will be the first one to learn about these opportunities and will never lose a great deal just because you learned about it too late! 
  • FREE Allied Resource List - including home inspectors, termite inspectors, closing attorneys, structural engineers, surveyors, licensed contractors, accountants, financial planners, etc.  

To request your own personalized list of the newest "fixxer-upper" listings in your area or our list of recommended resources, please fill out the form below and click the SUBMIT button. These is a FREE service, with no obligation. This service will provide you with similar MLS data than that used by Realtors, so we must validate your information because of the confidential and proprietary information to which you will have access to. Your information is strictly confidential and will never be sold or given away to any other company or individual.

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