has a property auction division, Lowcountry Home Auctions, LLC. We are licensed to auction any property and personal item anywhere in South Carolina. Auction marketing is a very convenient route for deceased estates or situations where a property must be sold quickly at the highest market price without bias.

Auction marketing has benefits for both sellers and buyers. Among these are:

For Sellers:

  • Pre-qualified and registered buyers only
  • intensive marketing blitz; focuses on your property and increases exposure to market
  • buyers compete against each other, not against you as a seller
  • ability to plan ahead - you will know when your property will sell and when it will close
  • avoid protracted negotiations, repairs, onerous conditions imposed by buyer (most auctions are sold "as-is", no contingency
  • pre-arranged showings eliminates need to be always "show ready"
  • competition among buyers may drive price above a negotiated price using traditional private treaty sales approach

To explore selling your property at a public auction, sealed bid or silent auction, please contact us at

For Buyers:

Buying at auction is exciting! Here are some advantages of buying at auction:

  • knowledge that seller is committed to selling
  • YOU (the buyer) determine the final sales price
  • avoid protracted negotiations - reduce time to close
  • ability able to plan ahead - dates are known in advance
  • democratic and fair process - everyone is bidding under the same conditions, no side/backstage deals (you know who the competition is, all the cards are on the table)
  • your purchase at fair value as determined by the market

Whether you are looking to buy an investment or a home to live in, you may be able to buy your dream property at a discounted price. Auctioneers require you to PRE-REGISTER as a buyer to be qualified to bid at our auctions. As a potential buyer, be aware that the auctioneer and listing agent are representing the Seller in the transaction. Most auctioneers will allow a buyer to be represented by a buyer's agent and will pay a cooperating commission provided a registration process is followed.