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Curb Appeal - First Impressions Count!

Posted By: Alan Donald In: Home Marketing
Date: Sun, May 3rd 2009 12:49 pm

Home Singled Out
We make thousands of small and big decisions every day. Our senses (eyesight, smell, feeling, hearing) are constantly telling us a story about our surroundings. When we are looking to buy a home, those INITIAL impressions from the first few seconds after we stop in front of a home may make a positive or negative emotional impression that may outlast later impressions (remember that "an image is worth a thousand words").

This initial impression makes a statement about your home and yourself as the owner. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, older or newer, its architectural features and curb appeal will impact potential buyers. Your home has its own unique features and personality - much like a human being - and it includes the "feeling" of your neighborhood, your street, your neighboring properties and, very importantly, the curb appeal of your home...

If the exterior appearance of your home and yard is pleasing, buyers will want to see the interior. Since most buyers are looking for a home that has both charm and quality, it pays to keep your grounds well-maintained and attractive. Trim your shrubs and trees away from the home, plant nice flower beds, place new mulching materials, mow and edge your grass.

Making sure that your home has exceptional curb appeal is one improvement that will give you great returns!